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These small brown cockroaches that measure no more than 0.6" long are the most common roaches to invade homes all around the world. Cockroaches are famous for their resilience and ability to adapt and survive in any circumstances. German Cockroaches are the epitome of those qualities. They ensure the robust survival of their species through prolific reproduction, fast maturation, and by staying out of sight


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of predators and human eyes. German Cockroaches have also been found to develop immunity from chemical pesticides and become resistant to a multiple means of pest control.
All of those remarkable survival abilities make German Cockroaches an exceptional challenge for exterminators. It is virtually impossible to eliminate a German Cockroach infestation without professional help. Their short reproductive cycle combined with a large number of eggs produced by females and with short maturation cycle require sustained and systematic extermination efforts by trained experts.

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We offer monthly roach & pest protection plans that delivers seamless pest inspections and treatments. Every home is unique and occasionally treatment is needed for a specific. The homes we serve include:

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