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We specialize in the elimination and control of drain flies and pests in Austin, Round Rock Texas area. Our commercial services work around your business schedule and function as a monthly inspection service.

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Many commercial facilities suffer from drain fly infestation. Drain flies measure about 1.5 to 5mm long with a light gray/tan body with lighter-colored wings. Fortunately, these flies don't transmit any human diseases or bite. However, they do feed on sewage and organic substances. Drain flies are most active during the night and can be found on bathroom or kitchen walls. These flies have a generous reproduction practice, usually laying eggs in mass wherever decomposing organic materials are found. Their offspring (larvae) are generally between 4 to 10 mm and extremely difficult to find.

Infestation and Drain Fly Control

Similar to most flies, the easiest way to know you've been infested is the spotting of adults. They're usually spotted resting on bathroom walls or near breeding materials. larvae may also be observed within breeding materials, though such observation is more difficult. If you notice any signs of infestation, give us a call and we can take immediate action. Ask us about our special foaming elimination method that will completely remove both adults and larvae, preventing any spread of the reproduction cycle.

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