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Exterminator & Pest Control in the Austin, Round Rock Texas area.
We specialize in the elimination and control of rodents in Austin, Round Rock Texas area. Our commercial services work around your business schedule and function as a monthly inspection service.

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Whether you have cotton rats, deer mice, norway rats, roof rats, or house mice,- a rodent infestation can tormenting to your business. Rats can be difficult to control and require profession assistance to eliminate. They can instinctively detect control measures like traps and bait, and tend to colonize in attics, burrows, under concrete and porches, in wall voids and other difficult-to-reach places. Rats can carry and transmit a number of serious diseases; they can also bring fear and ticks into the property. Mice can present a similar risk, as they tend to contaminate much more food than they eat.

Infestation and Rodent Control

Rodents; rats and mice, are among the most adaptable creatures on Earth and can be very difficult to eliminate. There populations can grow quickly and steadily. Therefore rodent control is best initiated prior to an infestation. We highly recommended consulting with us to develop a plan to prevent rodent infestation. If you're already been infested, we have the knowledge and technology to exterminate a full-blown infestation, as our customized solutions allow us to reach entry points and rodent "hot spots." If you spot a wild rodent, it's not advisable to handle it alone. They have large teeth and are cable of transmitting a verity of bacteria and viruses through their saliva, feces, and urine. Call us immediately for a rodent elimination session.

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