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Termites are virtually invisible but the damage they cause can cost thousands to repair.


Termites are one of the oldest species on Earth. Their colonies can be found thriving on every continent on the planet except Antarctica. Although they look similar to ants and are often called "white ants", they are actually related to cockroaches. Termites are relentless eaters and can travel great distances in search of food. They feed on cellulose, the organic fiber found in dead treed and leaves. They burrow into the wood and consume it from the inside, which makes them so hard to detect and can lead to serious damage to the structure if left undetected and untreated.

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Signs of Termite Infestation

In spite of their clandestine nature, termites leave enough signs to be detected. Call your exterminator immediately if you notice any of these things around your house:
Mud on walls or beams
A sudden temporary swarm of winged insects around your property.
Dropped discarded swarmer wings.
Frass - termite droppings, pallets left near the termite entry.

Termite Treatments for Texas

There are several ways to treat a termite infestation that depend on the severity of infestation, type of termites, and individual specifics of the property. At Evofoam Pest Contol we offer the following treatments:
Baiting station system. Stations containing cellulose-based baits are installed in the ground around the structure or attached to the walls.
Liquid soil treatment. Liquid termiticides are applied around the structure, in the soil, and under the foundation.
Pretreatment. Treating the new homes before or during the construction stage to prevent termite infestations in the future.

Termite Inspection, Early Detection

Every year millions of homes in the US are affected by termite infestations. The US homeowners spend billions each year to repair the damage caused by termites. Those costs are typically not covered by the homeowner's insurance as it is considered to be a preventable problem.
Early detection and prevention of termite infestations are far less costly measures that will keep your mind at ease and your home termite-free. At Evofoam, our experienced termite specialists have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to perform a thorough inspection of your property. We will develop a custom treatment plan to fit your specific situation and budget or simply give you some home maintenance pointer to prevent future problems.

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