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Bugs and Insects...What Do They Do in Austin Texas in the Winter?

Hello and welcome to the EVO Foam pest control podcast today. This is Damian, I want to thank you for tuning in today. Today I want to talk about is getting cold outside. It’s wintertime now here in Texas. And there’s always a question that we get, you know, do I need pest control services in the winter? Well, I want to explain today how cold weather affects insects and pests in general. You know, pest, they go insects go through a life cycle. And some of them differ but majority of insects go through what we call a complete life cycle. metamorphosis is what they call it. Okay, we won’t get too technical on you. But it’s a life cycle no different from when we’re born as a baby to only become a toddler teenager to an adult kind of the same theory. They actually start off in an egg stage. You know, an adult’s, obviously mate, drops some eggs. And then what they do is they emerge from the egg stage into a larval stage and that larvae if you’re familiar with larvae, here’s a good example. To put in perspective. Maggots maggots maggots are a larval stage of a housefly. I’m sure we’ve all unfortunately seen them from time to time, but that’s the larval stage. And then they get into a stage called a pupil stage pupi. And then they emerge into an adult, okay. But why that’s important to kind of understand that is that insects quite often will overwinter, okay, because when it gets cold outside, you get a freeze, you expect, what were the bugs go is poof, they’re gone. No, of course not. Oftentimes, they’re going to try to get into wall voids of your home, they’re going to get under any leaf litter that you have on the outside your home, firewood, any type of debris of that nature. That’s why it’s really important to, you know, always keep all the clutter controlled in your yard and keep the landscape nice and clean. And then of course, address any ceiling issues on the home as well, that keeps them from actually getting into those warm pockets of those wall voids, just gives them the perfect habitat to overwinter until it gets warm enough for them to emerge. When come springtime again, and then obviously they continue with their lifecycle. And then now you see a big spike in activity that’s going to occur, and then you have a lot more problems. So in the winter time, what you really want to focus on is making sure I’m just in you know, even before it’s like your we all do what we we’ve all heard the term spring cleanup. Yes, you want to do a spring cleanup, but you can start on that now. And having a pest control company can definitely a help aid you and point you in the right directions of the things that you should be working on. Throughout the course of the winter into the spring before summer hits warm. Obviously when the activity really spikes you know areas like Wildwoods if you have familiar with we pulled we pulled those little holes in the in the brick typically by the Foundation. That’s that that is a perfect entry point for many types of pests. And those those areas there need to have some type of insecticidal dust or some type of treatment done inside those voids and then have those voids sealed up. And we use at our company here at EVA foam pest control is a breathable mesh, we use a product that’s not going to tarnish or rust or anything of that nature, but it’s going to help keep out those pests from even getting entering that wallboard to begin with. So that that’s very important. door seals on your home. It’s very important to make sure that you don’t have any, any gaps in the openings there. Make sure your seals are good leather stripping is good on your on your windows and your doorways. You know, so that will help keep them from getting inside. Outside you have leaf litter, you know that’s a perfect area for those insects to get underneath. And when we get a hard freeze, you know, where do they go? Well, typically they just go a little bit further down into the ground, you know, the further they go down from the surface where it’s frozen on the surface, the deeper they go the warmer gets and it just enables them to build a survive and and you know in the egg stage larval stage, pupil stage, and even the adults the adults will

basically hibernate, kind of like a bear and they’re going to hibernate, and as long as they can kind of stay out of that really frigid freezing temps. They’re going for the most part a good majority of them are going to survive over the winter in this cold weather and then you’re We’re going to be faced with obviously that influx of activity once it thaws out, and everything, you know, warms up. So let me make a suggestion, if you’re unsure of what you should be doing, or if you don’t have a pest control company, you need to get someone out on your property and provide you with an inspection and analysis of your home property and help you with these things. Get some reoccurring pest treatments go done. preventatively. You know, though, it’s very common, oftentimes, we get, you know, folks, you know, clients that initially call us and they have an issue and, and that’s typically when most people look to hire a pest control companies because you have a problem. Well, do you go to the dentist, I always tell people do you go to the dentist just because you have a toothache? No, you know, till you do. But typically what you should be doing is going to, you know, periodically going to checkups, follow ups, preventative measures and that’s why the dents typically have you go there every six months. In this case, with pest control, you’re going to want to have a company coming out every two three months at a minimal it’s very important. There’s a lot of different insect activity law different pests out there that we that you have to deal with, unfortunately on on your property here in Texas is pretty buggy around here. So let me make a suggestion to you give me a call. I’ll be glad to speak with you you won’t cost you a penny to speak with me. But I’ll be glad to help I can set up an inspection free of charge we’ll come out and do a matter of fact where we do is a free 58 Point Inspection analysis of your home and property inside now top to bottom we’ll come in and determine if you have any current issues going on or some issues that you know with ceiling issues. Lately some cleanup in the yard that could be done to help put in place some really good preventative measures from having any issues. So give me a call today 512-588-2998 I’ll be glad to speak with you. And if you want to take a look at our website, I encourage you to visit EVO Foam website. You can look at the many different services that we provide. We have some really good informational videos on there as well that you can take a look at. You can also email us welcome at EVO foam pest com or email me directly Damien at EVO foam pest comm look forward to hearing hearing from you and I hope that this helps. Y’all have a wonderful day and I want to thank you again for tuning into the VO phone pest control podcast. Thank you

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