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Earthworms are a Good Thing in Austin, Texas!

Hello this is Damien and welcome to the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast today. Now today I want to talk to you about earthworms. We’ve actually recently gotten a lot of phone calls and customers, they have some ant issues going on or whatnot and we’ve gone out to the property and discovered that they had all these little piles of dirt all around their yard and the coarser concerns I think their yard is being killed off and they’re worried about damage on their lawn and I completely understand that and after a little bit of a thorough inspection we determined that they actually had earthworms going on. So of course I you know, we’re not alone You know, company and we don’t specialize in lawn and ornamental type you know, issues like this, we’re a structural pest control company but I felt it was important to try to educate myself a little bit and I figured in what the heck I’ll I’ll go ahead and try to get some information to help some folks out. But and I found out that you know, earthworms are can actually be a big benefit for us and our lawns, they’re very, they’re very beneficial actually. Number one, they’ll improve your nutrient availability in your lawn, when they when they tunnel in your lawn to kick that dirt out they leave casts behind inside there which are just just nutrient rich in nutrients so it definitely helps provide a more favorable environment for plant root growth You know, it also says that actually will improve your your drainage through you know, basic kind of like naturally aerating putting holes in the lawn can actually help drain your the soil actually drain about 10 times faster it says so that was pretty interesting. It actually says it will improve the soil structure as well. I think it’s you know, one of the other things that it does that I read was it when you when they make those holes that actually will and it kind of makes sense that it’ll actually help the soil belt to take your fertilizers better and actually you know, kind of absorb that those products that would definitely obviously be a huge benefit. It’s kind of like a natural aeration by the sounds of it um you know there’s some there’s some websites that actually the articles that I read that talk about you know having your having your lawn aerated you know i i’m not i’m not a lawn guy so I’m not really sure if that would absolutely be necessary or not you know, I would I would suggest you get a lawn company call and talk to them but also I would you know, educate yourself I’d be happy you can give me a call I can point you in to some articles that I read on some different websites where I feel as some good information like different you know, agricultural agencies in different states and some universities that have done some studies and written some articles on earthworms. But you know, because like anything you may get a you may call a lawn company they’re going to try to sell you on everything underneath the sun get your money and that’s you know, that always can can always happen so you know, I would I would definitely do your due diligence on that I’m not a law expert by any means or an expert I earthworms I just, I educated myself up a little bit on I’m just, you know, just so I can respond intelligently a little bit to some of our customers that have some concerns with them and and then maybe help some folks out there listening today. So and if you know if you have some pest control issues, ants, spiders, you know, scorpions, cricket seasons is upon us right now any roaches, any of those types of issues, give me a call, I’d be glad to speak to you about that and help you out. Give take the time, talk to you set up a free inspection. You know, that won’t cost you a dime and I don’t mind taking the time to speak to people to help them out either way. So give me a call the day if you have any questions 512588299 I’d be glad to speak with you. And again I want to thank you all for tuning into the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast today. I hope this helps somebody Have a great day.

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