Frequently Asked Questions

Review the following questions put together by In2Care® Trap. Please reach out to us with any additional questions!

How come I still see mosquitoes?

Besides the delayed effect of the In2Care trap, there may be mosquitos that fly into the In2Care control zone from other areas. This is especially true of Aedes mosquitoes, which can travel over 200 yards to find a blood meal and breeding place. If they enter the trap, they will die within 8-10 days and will also spread the growth regulator.

I have dogs. Does it need to be anchored?

If the unit will be placed in an unstable area or is susceptible to winds and other animals knocking it over, stability can be improved by fixating the Trap into the soil using ground pins (that can be added to the interface).

Can the product be used indoors?

Our product is EPA approved for outdoor use only. Additionally, the Aedes mosquito will most likely not often seek for breeding sites indoors. Since there are less standing water sources available and the environment is often cooler due to air conditioning.

How long will it take to work?

In2Care® Mosquito Trap will take approximately 2 weeks for results to be seen, because the larvicide needs to get spread first. The main impact is a reduction in the next generation of mosquitoes.

Is it a problem if a Trap is placed in a partially sunlit spot?

Yes - In2Care Traps should not be placed in an area that gets any sun during the day. This is especially true in mid-summer where temperatures are
higher. Heat from direct sun exposure will not only reduce the attractiveness of the trap to the mosquito, it may also negatively affect the active ingredients. Aedes mosquitoes also tend to breed in fully shaded sites only. We recommend checking each Trap location at different time points during the day.

Will a lot of rain dilute the Trap content and reduce efficacy?

Rain will not reduce the In2Care Trap efficacy. PPF is very potent and active at concentrations of only 10 ppb. The water in the trap will contain enough
PPF to kill mosquitoes even when rain dilutes the content: results show it to still be effective even at 2000-fold lower concentrations. We also
recommend placing the traps in shaded, vegetated areas, where mosquitoes like to breed and no heavy rain input is expected.


Source: In2Care®