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Hello, this is Damon Niquette and I want to welcome to the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast today. You know today I want to talk about ants and specifically you know what to do and what not to do if, unfortunately you you find ants inside your kitchen pantry or even your bathroom or of your home or business. You know, usually if you if you wake up in the morning or at nighttime, whatever it is, and you discover that you have an issue inside your kitchen, you see an A, A line of ants on your counter, say your kitchen countertop, by your stove. What have you, you know, what’s the first thing that most people do? Well, they reach underneath the sink, and they grab the first spray that they can find whether that’s you know, Windex or some type of you know, household cleaner, or unfortunately some folks are are grabbing over the counter pesticides like raid, and they spray that area. Well, you know, number one, it’s not good to be spraying a raid type product on your countertops or on your sinks. We have your cooking utensils, your food, your toothbrush laying there because that can contaminate that and that’s just unsafe. Okay. And what happens is when you spray ants with a product like that, see ants give off pheromones and they do it for multiple different reasons. They do it for establishing food trails they do for mating purposes. But the most importantly in this situation, what they what they’re doing it for, they give it they give it the alert the colony of danger. So with us, you spray some a line of ants lot of times you see Oh, well I got a bunch of dead and sound good job, I took care of it. Well, you don’t understand what’s going on behind the scenes, though. So what happens is the ones that don’t die, and they do make it back with that product, that colony, it’s gonna alert that colony of danger. And they’re going to do what we call budding, they’re going to break off in most cases for most species, and start a secondary colony, which can make the problem much worse and much more difficult to get rid of. 

So you know, alright Damien, you said, You know, I can’t spray this, I can’t do this, I can’t do that. What do I do, then, until I can get a pest control company out here to handle this for me? Well, best thing you can do is make sure everything’s sanitized. You know, don’t be spraying the cleaners directly on the hands. But keep the general area clean. Clean that area. Make sure you don’t have any food debris, any crumbs laying around, make sure you don’t have any dirty dishes in the sink, take your garbage, I’ll make sure you don’t have pet food on the on the ground. Make sure that stored in an airtight, you know sealed container, or move that food dish to an area to where you know, the ants aren’t, you know, aren’t active at that time to help try to prevent the possibility than finding it. If you find them coming out of, say, a joint like a crack in the grout area where the caulking and might be compromised, you might have a little bit of a hole there, you can caulk that you can seal that up with some tape, if they’re coming out of an outlet, you can actually put some tape around that to help prevent them from coming in until you know we’ll come there and take off the outlet covers and and you know, number one, identify that species because even for us pest pest control companies, it’s very important that we identify the species of ant that that you’re dealing with, because there’s multiple different types of species out there that we deal with, but also different products that we use, whether that’s a bait or our proper type of spray like a what we call a non repellency non repellents that we can spray, the ants won’t detect that it’s there, they’re going to get that product on them and it’s designed to enable them to get back to that colony before they die. To spread that product throughout the colonies, we get a colony elimination, now baiting, same thing, but the differences that they’re actually consuming that bait that digesting that and what they do is though, digest that bait, bring it back to the colony. And what we call a truffle laxus and truffle Ax is is basically regurgitating like a mother bird feeding a baby bird and they’re going to feed that that bait that they consumed to the colony are able to get a good colony elimination and additionally why it’s not good to spray anything on your own is because it can actually contaminate the area. So when you haven’t professional pest control company come in, it can actually contaminate our products. So moral of the story is, don’t be spraying anything. Try to use those little tips that I told you to kind of alleviate the problem until you can have that pest control company come in there, identify that species of Ant and then do a proper treatment to reduce that problem. You know much quicker and and then think about having a reoccurring pest service at your home. You want to prevent that from happening again. Best way to do that is having a occuring pest service on your home or business, so I would, I would encourage you to give us a call, you know we have an unmatched guarantee amongst our competitors. And that guarantee is this. If you hire us and at the end of 30 days you are not 100% happy with your results. We’ll come back and treat your home for free and will continue to come back and treat for free until you tell us that you’re happy. And if we can’t make you happy, which I doubt, but if we can, we will refund you every single penny that you spend with us on your initial service. That’s how confident we are in the work that we do for our customers. Give us a call today 512-588-2998 and again, I want to thank you for tuning into the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast today. I hope this helps and we look forward to hearing from you. Y’all have a great day.Hello my name is Damian Niquette and I want to welcome you to the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast today. Today I want to talk about how to search for a pest control company you have a home new home possibly whether or whether you’re in a home that you’ve been in quite a while and other home that you just purchased. Maybe you’re looking for Pest Control services for your business you know, it can be a very stressful time you’re busy you know who do Who do you hire and you know most folks what they do is they’ll they’ll go to Google and I’m going to Google right now and you know you search typical search phrases or you know Pest Control near me exterminator near me best Pest Control service and what happens is you have a ton of companies that come up on the page when you put in those search terms in there and search and it can be very overwhelming you know who do I choose they all have you know their websites are listed here might be some paid ads up on top you can click through and look at all these different companies websites and look at different reviews on Yelp and Google and you know it can be very overwhelming because typically they’re all they’re all saying the same thing. Now we all we take care of spiders ants rodents mosquitoes and you know which is great that’s what you’re looking for. But who do you call you know good rule of thumb is obviously always check out their website and thoroughly look at all the reviews read the reviews and make an informed decision and narrow it down to a couple companies that you want to call and and I understand a lot of times what you’re looking for is the best price well I’m here to tell you that the best price isn’t always the best company okay and best price usually is you know you’re looking for the most inexpensive service out there and a lot of times that’s exactly what you’re going to get is you’re going to get a very very mediocre service you know my company you know at Evo foam pest control here we’re we’re definitely not the cheapest company around and we’re definitely not the most expensive you know, we try to be very competitive but we also try to you know, be very fair in our pricing and we believe that you know for the quality of the service that we’re providing and you’re getting a great value for your money with us and you know what’s also extremely important to find out read or or even when you call companies ask them you know, what’s your what’s your guarantee? What’s your warranty process? You know, and you’ll probably get the same answer from everybody because typically that is the same answer it’s well if you have any problems we’re going to warranty it and if you have an issues in between service we’ll come out and treat your home for free you know and that’s that’s pretty much everybody’s warranty guarantees so to speak. So the one thing I can say about our company is that we definitely stand out from our competition on this we’re pretty bold with this um, but you know, we put our money where our mouth is and our guarantee is this. If you hire us in at the third end of 30 days you are not 100% happy with your service, we will come back to your home and treat for free and we’ll continue to come and treat for free until you tell us that you’re happy. It’s very simple. And for whatever reason if we can’t make you happy, I doubt it but if we can’t for whatever reason we will refund you every single penny you spent on this on your initial service and that’s just how you know confident we are in the work that we provide for our customers you know we really do believe in you know, everyone will say this but we truly do believe in you know giving a quality service and value your service your business as a customer. And of course we want to have happy customers and have your business for years to come. So you know, I hope this helps a little bit as far as trying to make a buying decision. Also to you can give me a call here in the office anytime in the office every day. I’m actually the staff entomologist as well. Have a little bit more knowledge than your average up business owner out there. And I’d be glad to take the time and discuss any issues or or answer any questions that or any concerns that you’re that you’re having at the moment.

And I’ll do that for you. Charge won’t cost you a dime and call and speak with me about anything that you want to. There’s times I I help folks out and give them advice and they don’t even hire me. And you know at the end of the day that I’m okay with that, you know if it helped you, it helped you. So you know it won’t cost you anything Just give me a call today I’ll be glad to speak with you and help you out in any way that I can. EVO Foam Pest Control 512582998 I appreciate your time and I do appreciate you tuning into the  podcast today. Look forward to speaking with you. Y’all have a great day.


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