In2Care® Mosquito Services

In2Care® Mosquito Services

An innovative tool used to combat mosquitoes that can transmit harmful viruses

The In2Care® Mosquito Auto-Dissemination Trap is an outdoor contamination station against container- breeding and day-biting mosquitoes, with the goal to reduce the mosquito population to a level that greatly reduces nuisance and the spread of diseases such as Zika virus. The product is EPA- registered, deploys safe bioactives, and has scientifically validated results. With this product, there are reduced numbers of Aedes mosquitoes, resulting in a much-reduced risk of biting and disease transmission. Contact Evo Foam Pest Control to learn more about installation and maintenance today!

A Multi - impact tool

✔ Kills all larvae inside the trap
✔ Kills larvae in surrounding breeding sites
✔ Kills exposed mosquitoes
✔ Stops virus development

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