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Hello, and welcome to the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast. This is Damian, I want to thank you for tuning in today. You know, this time of year, we all want to be outside spring in summertime and we want to enjoy the outdoors. But oftentimes we’re outside and we’re not able to do so because we’re getting bitten by the the famous mosquito. Okay, which can definitely ruin our weekends. And I understand it’s it’s a very troubling thing for sure. And you might even ask your question, you might have asked yourself this question before, you know, what the mosquitoes just have it out for me or what’s going on here? You know, maybe you’re getting bitten and others are not. And that, you know, that can White flowers in vase next to wicker armchair on wooden terrace in green garden happen quite often. I’ve seen it many times. And research has actually indicated that that very well could be there’s a few factors that that could be the case. Research has indicated that blood type is a big factor. Specifically, the old blood type is more attracted from mosquitoes than others. So if you have old blood, you know that very well could be the reason why you’re getting bitten. And others aren’t, you know, being bothered by it as quite as much as you are. chemical composition of your sweat Believe it or not can be a factor. Bacteria on bacteria on your skin is a factor they say. And then believe it or not. Another thing is is pretty interesting is the color of your clothing that you may be wearing. They say try to avoid dark colors like you know, black and dark blue. And in red, specifically, is a few colors that they say to try to avoid wearing, if you want to not attract mosquitoes to yourself. And look folks, there’s no reason that you have to sit here and live with mosquitoes, okay. You should be able to be outside, enjoying the outdoors with your friends in your family, barbecue and laying by the pool playing you know doing different activities, playing games, playing fetch with the dog, what have you, you know, you should be able to do all these things at your home, and enjoy your weekends and enjoy your summer break with your with your children. So let me make a suggestion for you if, if this describes anything that’s going on for you, and you’re struggling with being able to enjoy the outdoors because of these darn mosquitoes, give me a call today 512-588-2998 I’d be glad to speak with you free of charge. And we can you know try to determine together what what kind of issues you know conducive conditions you may have on your property. And we’ll come up with a solution for you. And please visit our website evil foam pest.com Visit the mosquito page of course look at all the other pages on there as well. And maybe we can help out with some other things that maybe no pun intended bugging you. So give me a call. Make the decision. You know the Take Back Your yard and start enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family this summer. I hope you all have a wonderful day. And thanks again. Thanks for tuning into the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast.
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