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One Time Pest Control, Is It Good For Austin Homeowners & Businesses?


Hello, this is Damon Niquette and I want to welcome to the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast today.

I want to talk about one time Pest Services. I can’t tell you how many phone calls we get how many people searching, whether it’s on Yelp or other resources that we use to get sales, acquire acquire business that people you know, want a one time service because they got ants inside wrote in so what have you, and they’re, from time to time get upset with me. I just had a guy a couple of days ago that mentioned after I explained the kind of the scenario that we don’t do one time services typically and you know, this is he’s in really what he’s in need of is reoccurring and I explained why. pretty lengthy message I sent him and he, he ended up telling me that he booked with somebody else. Okay, that was willing to give him a one time service. And then he actually said, Well, I just want to let you know, I booked somebody else. And I don’t appreciate that you just automatically tried to upsell me on a reoccurring service. So I messaged back, of course, you know, explaining why, again, reiterating why and maybe maybe explaining a little bit more thoroughly. And after that, he said, I apologize. I didn’t realize that. And and that, you know, it’s fair, you know, I said, No problem whatsoever. You know, I mean, hopefully, you know, if that company doesn’t hit the mark for you, you know, give me a call. But you know, since you already booked with them, I’m not gonna, you know, sit here and try to pressure you in the cancelling and whatever, I would love to have your business. But, you know, at this point, I’m not gonna sit here. And, you know, try to haggle with you or anything like that. So I said, You made your decision, you know, I’ll respect that. But you need to ask them this, this, this and that. And make sure if they’re only going to do one time service, and then we’ll kind of hear that give me a warranties. I didn’t include any follow ups, you know, and he said, Well, that was great information, he end up calling back and signing up with me anyways. You know, he said, You know, I asked those questions. And they really didn’t have an answer, or I didn’t like the answer whatever the situation was, he said, and he didn’t really talk too much about He said, You know, I just feel comfortable with you. And I’d rather go with you, and then send him up sending up on a reoccurring bi monthly treatment, service schedule, you know, what we call subscriptions here at our company. But a bi monthly subscription, we set him up on that. And we went out and we’ve already completed his initial service, and we set up a couple follow up a follow up, and we’re going to follow up until we know that we’ve gotten rid of his issue. And then at that point, we’re going to, you know, do our regular maintenance services and provide them with a warranty in case you know, not even just that, and that’s what people that’s what you have to realize is that if you’re in search because you have an issue, answer inside, for instance, or rodents, okay? Typically, you can’t get rid of that and one treatment. Okay, we get lucky sometimes. But most of the time, you’re not going to get rid of certain issues like loss. I mean, there’s Wasson are not there at the time that that NES is treated and removed. Most companies, a lot of companies, I hate to say it, but they don’t even chemically treat. The nastel technician will just be lazy, go there, knock it down, maybe step by and squish it a little bit. And, you know, that give me my 150 200 bucks or whatever they they quoted you on, you know, one time services anywhere from 100 to 250 bucks. This depends on issues as you know, pretty common average prices there. And, you know, have a good day. Well guess what? They did contaminate that nest, which is absolutely vital that they do, but the losses weren’t there at the time, and they didn’t chemically treated. So maybe they squished a couple with their web pole with a broom or whatnot. And they might have killed a few of them, but there’s some that they didn’t so guess what happens while they’re still swarming around and they you know, which can happen no matter what because now the wasps are always gonna be in the nest. So you might see some warm swarming for a while then looking, you know, they’re looking for their home that’s been removed is gone. But didn’t put any type of residual type of,

you know, insecticide up in that Eve or wherever that area was typically in the eaves is a real common area. So we use that example They can, you know, land on get in contact with now we can, you know, obviously have a chance of infecting that, you know that, that lost that’s looking for that nest that’s been removed, you know, they just merely just went there and just swapped it off, you know, swooped it off and have a good day took your money. Well, guess what, now you have that issue. And in a few days again, in a week or so when they build another nest up, you know, it will take away from that old nest, possibly and start another one. And you know, and so then you throw away 150 200 bucks, that’s, that’s not good. You know, and that is only warranting you if they do even give a warranty, which is rare. But if they do give you a warranty for that, yeah, that’s great, no, but you’re only warranty for that one problem, you know, pest control service anywhere from 400 to $600 a year, on average, depending on what type of plan that you take, that you you know, you decide on whether you do a bi monthly or quarterly, it’s really the two most common options. And that’s where kind of the, you know, companies are going to fall in that range. Nor from that 450 to $600 range, you’re spending $200 a month on a one time service. And that’s darn near already half of what it costs you for a plan, a reoccurring plan that’s going to give you you know, anywhere from four to six treatments in a year. You know, at our at our company here at EVA foam, we do on a quarterly basis is we actually our first year we we do initial service come back the following month to take care of the egg cycle and the pests that weren’t able to, you know, infect and kill off on the initial service. And we do that free that’s included. And then we you know, truly start coming out quarterly thereafter. But it just, you know, we do that for our BI month instead of this, you know, what you you’d assume bi monthly would be six services year, we actually the first year getting seven, because we’re coming back that following month from the initial service and doing that extra treatment. You know, it just goes to show you the reason why we do that we’re you know, we’re not the only company that does that either majority of companies are doing that now, because they recognize that you can’t get control of a property with just one treatment. So that’s why else can most of us good companies out any decent company out there is gonna go out every you know, go back the following month and doing a full exterior treatment from the initial, it’s vital if you want to get control the property, you just in most cases, you’re not going to accomplish that unless you do that, that follow up treatment. So that’s something that we adopted a while back, and that we do for all of our customers here, and we get a lot better results because of it. So I guess you know what I want to I this is just meant to kind of pre warn you about one time treatments. Now there’s certain situations that a one time might might work for you or a one time is up, you know, you have a rental property or, you know, you just you’re selling your home and there’s circumstances there that one time only makes sense. And I get that what I would try to make sure though anytime if you do decide to do a one time service, make sure you’re getting some type of guarantee from that company. Because most of the time, you know, you won’t get one or your own quite frankly, company can’t provide one because of what type of issue it is can’t get rid of them once one one treatment. And it definitely if if we know going in that we can’t most likely control and get rid of the situation. Just one treatment. How can we want to that? How can we guarantee that? You know, so that’s what’s really important to understand when it comes to one time services. My opinion is, don’t waste your money, do yourself a favor, get a reoccurring service that is not going to only protect against just those ants inside of this loss, you know that you had outside that you hired a company to come to one time you’re covered for a vast variety of insects, you know spiders, airway scorpions, fire ants, you know, the list goes on and on removing cobwebs, wasp nest mud dobbers from the home defense. I mean, you know, just a full blown Pest Service. And you’re in you’re covered in warrantied for just, you know, abundance of insects and arachnids rather than just that one pest that you called for. And they came out and did a crap job for you in most cases and charge you 150 200 plus dollars. You know, don’t do that to yourself. Don’t throw your money away, folks. I’m telling you right now, and I see it all the time.

You’ll regret it. You know so, look, I made let me make a suggestion to you give me a call. I’m on I’m happy to take the time will cost you a dime to speak with me. We can discuss your property the issues that you’re concerned about maybe the current issues that you’re having. And we can talk about our different reoccurring pest plan, you know, subscription issue, options that we have. Okay. So give me a call today. Be happy to talk with you. 512-588-2998 Evil phone pest control. And again, I want to thank you for tuning into the VO phone pest control podcast today. I look forward to speaking with you Y’all have a great day.

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