How we started


Our President, Damian Niquette, had a vision for more than just your traditional pest control company. Throughout his years as a technician in the field, he was introduced to already practiced foam applications, typically utilized to combat termite and small fly issues. He saw a benefit in utilizing foam as a general treatment service. EvoFoam is unique as a company because we use foam exclusively for all our pest control services.

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Why Foam

01 Greater Knockdown

Foam will enter a contacted insect's breathing tubes (trachea) and suffocate them in minutes. It dissipates the outer cuticle of the insect, leaving it without its protection, allowing the insect to absorb the insecticide. Also, the insect will reach its demise by dehydration of loss of water from the breakdown of the outer cuticle.

02 Less Concentrated Insecticides Mix

The foam essentially acts as a carrier of insecticides, taking it deep into the source of the infestation. It adheres to surfaces that water mixed will not and will stay there until it dissipates. The insect either absorbs the active particulate or in the course of grooming themselves ingests it. This is why we can use less concentrated insecticidal mix rates.

03 Less Water Usage

Utilizing foam allows us to conserve water usage through expansion. Our specific product reduces water usage anywhere from 4 to 18 times less. Our clients also appreciate not having to experience liquid treatment carried about by the wind. Foam is focused on its task without being decoupled from its targeted treatment area.

04 Complete Coverage

Foam is the most effective treatment product for penetrating those hard-to-reach areas. Due to its "shavingcream-like" consistency, it fills the areas and then slowly breaks down. It can travel smoothly through cracks, crevices, under concrete slabs, wall voids, vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoors and outdoors - any place where pests generally make their home. Foam also provides complete coverage, unlike liquid treatments that allow some insects to relocate while it's being applied.

05 Safe & Eco-friendly

Our product is a biodegradable foam formulation. It's a non-toxic blend of surfactants and adjuvants - friendly on the environment and safe for you, your family and pets. No longer will you have to choose between your family's health and getting rid of pests.

No One Does It Better

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EvoFoam has been servicing homes and businesses in the Greater Austin area since 2017. We've seen it all and can handle any of your pest control needs.

Trust an Associate Certified Entomologist To Handle Your Pest Control Needs

Why select an Associate Certified Entomologist?

An Associate Certified Entomologist is certified by the Entomological Society of America. There are only around 1,000 Associate Certified Entomologists in the nation, with there being approximately 130,000 pest professionals working today. Evo Foam Pest Control is proud to have one of the few ACEs on our staff.


Generally specializing in pest control, Associate Certified Entomologists (ACEs) are those who have passed one of the most rigorous examinations to test their knowledge. ACEs agree to a code of ethical behavior, and as part of their certification renewal process they must annually provide a copy of their current pesticide applicator's license.

Choosing an Associate Certified Entomologist provides you with the piece of mind that you are getting a professional who stays current in their field and on top of the latest research and insect science.

EvoFoam Pest Control is a huge believer in customer communication


We utilize a paperless system with customer portal and automated reminders for our customers. Also, we recently created a new innovative way of communicating with customers with our job completion videos informing our customers of what we did on their property, and what to expect after service has been completed if they were not available.

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