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Stop Wood-Destroying Insects With Termite Control In Georgetown & Round Rock, TX

Termites aren’t just annoying. They can actually cause severe damage to your home or commercial building, resulting in weak foundations and crumbling structures. Subterranean termites are the most common termite threat in the U.S. They nest in the soil below the home and travel upward to feed on the home’s wood structure.

Quick Termite Facts:

  • Termites exist in every state but Alaska.
  • A well-organized subterranean termite colony can have more than a million hungry workers consuming over 100 pounds of wood per year.
  • Termites never stop. They feast 24/7.
  • Termites can fit through a crack as thin as 1/32nd of an inch, which is the thickness of a credit card.

If you see termite mud tubes or evidence of termite damage, we are happy to give you a free termite inspection to verify the presence of termites and give you an estimate for the necessary termite control & treatment. It’s smart to have your home or commercial building inspected for termites at least once a year in Texas.

Cut Down On Termite Activity With Termidor® HE

A big part of what we do involves setting up Termidor® HE to protect against termites for your home. Putting Termidor® HE at your Georgetown & Round Rock, TX home allows us to create even and effective protective zones that termites cannot avoid.

It spreads further than older treatments and binds strongly allowing for protection year after year and not just at the start. 

Additionally, Termidor’s® liquid treatment, Termidor® HE Copack, locks the soil around your home to help it stay put and remain effective all while requiring half the amount of water other liquid termiticides require. This helps to not only save water, but allows for precise application around your home. Due to using less water and less drilling than other liquid treatments, Termidor® HE Copack leaves a much smaller environmental footprint.

  • Shallower minimum treatment depths provide additional time and chemical savings on structures with deep footers
  • Less drilling and trenching saves time and reduces disruption around the home

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