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Rats and mice are a huge problem in Round Rock, and it’s no wonder why: our temperate climate and growing population leave lots of space for rats and mice to thrive. Because these animals tend to frequent places where filth and disease are abundant, their presence around your home or business could be a dangerous omen of things to come. Besides being frequent carriers of ticks and fleas, they also have the ability to crawl through spaces several times smaller than their bodies, so it’s incredibly difficult to keep rodents out once they get inside.
Two types of rodent species that are commonly located in Round Rock are roof rats and Norway rats. Roof rats love to climb up trees and find their way into our homes and businesses. Norway rats often live in sewers and can find their way into your home through sewers, drain lines, and more.
Have you been finding mysterious droppings and gnaw marks located around your house? There’s a good chance one of these two rodent species has made their way into your home. Thankfully, you don’t need to cross your fingers and hope they go away; you can know for sure infesting rodents are gone for good with the help of EvoFoam Pest Control.
Save yourself the trouble of ineffective DIY methods by calling EvoFoam Pest Control for rodent control today. We’ll eliminate rats or mice taking up residence in your home and provide future-proofed methods of keeping them out for good.

Our Round Rock, TX, Rodent Control Service

Rodents are perhaps some of the easiest pests to discover in your home. Not only do they leave a large amount of visible damage around our homes and businesses, but they often leave grease marks and pungent droppings around pantries, wooden support structures, and insulation. Rats and mice are always on the lookout for any viable source of food and water, and are known to chew through anything that stands between themselves and a meal, including electrical wires, plumbing lines, and even the insulation between your attic and wall voids. If you’re concerned that rodent activity is taking over your Round Rock home, the professional team behind EvoFoam Pest Control can provide fast-acting treatments with long-lasting results. We rely on a multistep rodent management program to keep your property in tip-top condition. Here’s what you can expect from our team as soon as you make the call:
  • Evaluate the problem: Before our first rodent infestation treatment, our inspectors investigate the premises to figure out if you’re dealing with a mouse or rat problem. Each rodent requires a different method of removal, so we take identification and evaluation seriously. First, our experienced service professionals look through your home and determine the type of infestation you have. Then, they explain their findings in person and explain which treatment measure may serve you best.
  • Create a plan of action: In this stage, we can create a rodent control plan that truly solves your rodent problem for good. We use our industry knowledge and extensive rodent control experience to create an exclusionary plan of action. You can be sure this method not only gets pests out, but also keeps them out for good by eliminating their entrances.
  • Enforce long-term exclusion: Our team seals off entry points around your home to prevent future rodents from getting inside. You may see us treat roof returns, vents, and weep holes with a specialized foam that allows your foundation to aerate and “breathe.” You don’t have to sign off on work before you’re ready; our team provides suggestions and reviews all possible options so you can make more informed decisions for your property’s protection.
  • Ensure long-term results: Getting rid of rodents inside your home is one thing, but keeping them out is quite another. To keep rats away from your home for good, we offer our customers a full satisfaction guarantee. You can be sure our team is working in your best interests and can ensure your property remains safe, secure, and rodent-free.
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If you have a problem with rats or mice running around your Round Rock property, EvoFoam Pest Control can help with a suite of sustainable solutions. Our 99% green service and fair, affordable pricing have everything you need to see real results right away.
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Evo Foam has been great! We’ve used them for over a year and they have been wonderful. When they come, the technician is always polite and informative.
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Have been with Evo Foam for a few years and love them. Always on time and professional. Both the owner and our serviceman Jake are absolute top notch. Jake is sure to spend the proper time on the house in order to get all of the bugs and insects taken care of and is extremely personable and nice. Highly recommend.
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