How Do Insects Breathe?

Hello, welcome to the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast today. This is Damian, I want to thank you for tuning in. Have you ever wondered how insects breathe?

How Do Insects Breathe?

Well, I’m here to tell you that they don’t breathe like us humans whatsoever. Matter of fact, it’s actually pretty interesting how they do. They have no lungs, and oxygen isn’t transported by a circulatory system. Like us humans,they have on their bodies, they had the small little tiny holes. And those tiny holes are called spiracles. And that allows air to enter and exit through their bodies. That’s duster life support right there. I mean, they need the spiracles. That’s the only way the air is getting in. And it’s the only way they’re expelling the air out, which is much, which is much important for them.

The spiracles are connected to the a system of tubes. And these tubes are called trachea. And they have a series of tubes. And this makes up the tracheal system, okay. And then they take that oxygen and inject it directly into the cells inside of them. And it just, you know, just ongoing system circulating and kind of circulates that way. But unlike, you know, a traditional circulatory system that that we breathe through, it’s pretty interesting.

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And there’s a reason why I mentioned this because, you know, speaking to EvoFoam, you know, we’re trying to do a better job of really explaining and getting folks to understand why we’re so unique, and as a company and are able to get better results than our competitors. And foam is obviously, you know, that’s that’s one of the main reasons, of course, and in how this kind of pertains, you know, to how an insect insect breathes is that through our phone treatments now, and I want to note that there’s nothing wrong with what other companies are doing traditional treatments, we do all the traditional stuff as well, we’re doing what they do. However, we’ve incorporated our special foam treatments, into our regular service into those traditional things. So we’ve kind of you know, we’ve been we’ve been coupled the two and have come up with just a better service, better results.

And that’s why I want to do these podcasts that bring it to people’s attention of you know, how it works and why it’s better. What happens is, with foam if we’re doing a foam treatment within and we mix insecticide, with increate a foam with different types of insecticides, okay, whether we’re injecting a wall boy from a we pull on the exterior of a wall, which is a normal, that’s, that’s a, that’s a just a typical service for us, we do that on a regular service, unlike anybody else. We phone trash cans for flies and whatnot for customers on every service. We also in commercial settings, we actually foam drains as a standard service, which is normally if any company actually does provide any type of phone treatments, which has very few, because it is very difficult to learn and perfect. There’s a learning curve to it. And also, you know, equipment is is isn’t the cheapest either. And but we have created a service that we don’t charge extra, you know, usually those are up charges on a commercial in a commercial environment when they want to foam floor drains. And you do that because you know they get fruit flies getting into their drain flies getting in there, roaches, American cockroaches, things of that nature, get in there come from the sewer system, whatnot. And, you know, companies will say well, we’ll treat all these drains, let me call them up. You’ve got 30 of them in here. We’re going to charge you $5 per drain, you know and it’s a one time type treatment. Now we we go to these commercial accounts, we do no monthly basis. Treat all the drains and every service that’s included in our base price.

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Residentially we’re treating trash cans, every service that’s included in that in that by monthly or quarterly or monthly whatever, whatever type service that that you that you’re that our customer is on. We do it on every service, foaming of the wall voids. That’s something that we’ve rolled out now that we’re doing that we’re getting started to do on April one we’re doing that Every single service we’ve done in the past, but now we’re actually making it part of the service of the regular protocol. And the results have been phenomenal. Anytime folks get issues inside their home, with ants in the wall void, we’ve exhausted everything else. Well, any good company is going to pull it last last. Last thing that you usually tool in the bag that you pull out to foamer, and you found usually put some termiticide in there, and you found that wall void, whether that’s in a kitchen or a bathroom. And that’s kind of the final knockout, well, we’re doing it from the start. And that’s why we’re giving a lot more value to the service for our customers. So that’s what you can expect with us.

But getting back to, you know, how this pertains to how insects breathe. Foam, being soap, essentially in a, in a foam state, obviously, and it’s a it’s pretty similar to shaving cream consistency that we we put enough foaming agent to create the the adequate, you know, dryness that we want out of her phone, that way we can actually inject it and it’ll carry that insecticide or that termiticide vertically in a wall void or what have you. Well, what happens is, when we treat inside those wall voids, and we contact any of those insects, what happens is, is it engulfs and plugs up those spiracles. So now they can breathe, and we get a good contact kill immediately was just a game changer. traditional treatments aren’t doing that, you know, liquid is not doing that. Plus insects, you know, have exoskeletons. And this is another another situation why foam is is a great choice, and is very effective, more effective than the traditional treatments, oftentimes, insecticides will not penetrate an exoskeleton and then get into that body and then they get into the nervous system effect. And that’s how most products work usually affects their nervous system, and essentially gives them Lockjaw, they can eat or whatnot. And they’re assessed on their breathing because their muscles can’t contract any longer. And then they essentially, you know, meet their ultimate demise, right.

So through foam treatments, when that gets on that, that in that past those paths and that exoskeleton have a layer of coating that protects them from the predators and protects them from water loss because they have very little water in their bodies to begin with. And if they lose that expel that water out of them, they’re going to dehydrate, they’re going to die. So what this does being foam being soap, it eats away at that waxy coating that they have on their bodies, and layers of waxy coating that they have to protect your exoskeleton is actually called chitin. And that chitin gets eaten away. And what happens is once that barrier is kind of broken, so to speak, and it eats away at that now that insecticide can readily absorb into that animal now, and so we’re able to infect them a lot easier. And in some cases, infect them at all, you know, some insects are just extremely difficult, like, you know, you have different types of raccoons like a scorpion and whatnot, you know, they’re next to impossible to kill. And this enables us to, you know, get better results and have a have a better chance at actually infecting that, that pest.

So that’s a couple of the main reasons why we choose to use a lot of foam applications and have adapted that into our regular service protocol. We’re just going to get better results for our customers and take care of issues right then in there. You know, there’s an old saying, do it right the first time and we really believe in that. And we’re not perfect, of course, you know, I mean, but that’s, you know, you’re not going to kill everything. It’s it’s about managing the threshold of activity on a property, keeping it at a manageable level of control, and then some degree to you kind of you’re trying to prevent problems as well. And there’s a multitude of other things that go into that. But speaking to just phone. So reason that’s some of the main reasons why we use foam. And its reasons why we’re very successful here. have a phone pest control. So I want to make a suggestion if you’re struggling with any pest issues or you merely just want to get your home protected, give us a call free of charge I’ll speak with you we can set up an inspection if you like or we can sign you up happy to come out and perform a service for you and kind of show you what it is we’re talking about here and and see it in action. Also too, started a YouTube channel and uploading videos fairly regularly on there. We’re gonna have some really good phone videos coming up here that I’m working on.

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So go on there search EvoFoam pest control, you know, like file share it, make sure you subscribe, you know, we’d love for you to watch the videos and you can kind of see what I’m talking about here and in many other things that we discuss. So give us a call today 512-588-2998 Be happy to speak with you won’t cost you a dime to speak with me. So give us a call today. You have a great day.

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