The ATX Pest Podcast: Safeguarding Your Home from Scorpions in Austin, TX

Welcome to the ATX Pest Podcast, episode 4, scorpions. Everybody loves scorpions, right? I don’t think so. So today I’m going to talk a little bit about them, some little tidbits on them, and then we’re going to talk about how you can prevent them from being in your home and freaking your family out. […]

The ATX Pest Podcast: Termite Invasion Tactics and Home Defense

Welcome to the ATX Pest Podcast, episode 2, subterranean Termites. So it is the beginnings of swarm season for termites right now. We’re actually getting quite a few calls. The last couple days Kind of just popped, which is pretty normal. We had a really mild winter so it was kind of really it’s about […]