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  Hello and welcome to the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast. This is Damian, I want to thank you for tuning in today. You know one of the most frequent calls that we get as a pest control company, the specially this time of year in the spring, but throughout the whole year, we get calls regularly throughout the winter, which goes to show the importance of having a pest service even through the winter months. A lot of folks think you don’t need it, but you but you do. There’s a lot of things trying to get in in the wintertime. But this time of year, it spikes activity started spiking, of course, because it’s because of the weather. But one of the most frequent calls that we get on pretty much a daily basis is the dreaded rover ant. And those are those really tiny look dark black nerve blackish brown color, but t hey’re really tiny looking ants. And oftentimes, you’ll find them in your kitchen. Unfortunately, the bathroom in your pantry, you’ll find them trailing along the foundation, you’ll see them all the time all the time throughout the driveway, in the sidewalks in front of your home on the outside. And they’re actually a fairly new specie event Believe it or not, they’ve been around they kind of infested Texas about 12 to 14 years ago and we all scrambled trying to figure out first what the heck they were with specie ant, they were We later discovered that and then it was a struggle for a number of years to try to find a product that actually controlled them. And it was in even still, we have some a couple of good products on the market it’s actually pretty limited still. But we have a couple of really good products that we use that we have great success with. It’s pretty it’s impossible to completely get rid of them. They’re they’re very invasive. But you know we can of course knock them down and unfortunately it seems lik e they pop up year to year for most folks that are prone to having them and little little thing about them and where they like to frequent as far as habitat goes is that they’re they build their both their nest Bolton in natural and disturb habitats and urban habitat they frequently nest and mulch. And that’s why with mulch I talk about mulch a lot is that mulch, it’s very important. Understand we do for curb appeal. Looks nice, I do it at my own house limited. But mulch is very important. I’m going to come come springtime when most people start laying down the mulch that you remove the old mulch, several layers of decay will will form at that point and it just gives more habitat and harbored area for for not just romance but many other pests as well. So it’s really important if you hire someone whether you do it yourself to remove the old mulch and you really don’t want to have more than an inch or so inch inch and a half of mulch, you know definitely don’t want to have more than two inches. So you know, the less mulch you have, the less depth of malt that you have. And you’re not creating those extra layers of decay and moisture is going to help aid and prevention of romance and obviously other pests as well. You know under stones if you have a lot of if you have rock beds less stones around for decorative purposes possibly around your home I have that as well. They like to frequent underneath those stones it’s just a good hiding place good holds holds moisture it’s it’s a good habitat for them. landscape timbers leaf litter in the yard. That’s really important to keep the yard cleaned up. I know I harp on leaf litter quite a bit and it’s because it’s very important not only just for rover ants, but of course mosquitoes, American cockroaches, things of that nature. And also to be aware if you have potted plants outside your home it’s a good idea to you know make sure you’re not over watering that watering them clean up that drip pan make sure that drip pan isn’t it’s not holding a bunch of water make sure you know it’s running out and and just you know just water water your plants as much as necessary. But noose make sure you don’t do more than necessary because it’s just going to attract him to that. So keep an eye on that and if you find them in there, let them dry out a little bit don’t kill them but let that let that potted plant dry let that soil dry out and that was should help aid in getting rid of them out of your potted plants as well and of course if you if you’re struggling with rover and so you have any questions about them give me a call be glad to speak with you and matter of fact we’ll we can set up a free inspection we’ll come out to your home we do a free 58 Point Inspection¬† of your home and property free of charge. So give us a call today 512-588-2998 And again, I want to thank you for tuning into the EVO Foam Pest Control podcast. I really appreciate it. And I hope you all have a bug free day
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