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Termite Control in Harker Heights, TX

Termites are subterranean wood-eating pests that can spell doom for your home in Harker Heights. The scariest thing about termites is that thousands of these pests could already be eating their way through your home’s wooden structures and you probably wouldn’t even notice. When termite infestations persist for years, they can cause immense household damage which costs tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

While some common pest species can be effectively controlled with do-it-yourself methods, termites always require professional intervention to get rid of. By partnering with a professional termite control company in Harker Heights, you can permanently resolve your termite issues.

State-of-the-Art Termite Control Treatments

At EvoFoam Pest Control, our licensed and insured technicians strive to provide the best termite control services in Harker Heights. Using Termidor HE, a state-of-the-art termite control treatment, we can create a termite-proof barrier around your home. This special termite control solution allows for protective zones to be formed on your property and kills termites upon contact or ingestion. Termidor HE offers wider coverage than other treatments and forms a stronger bond with the soil as well. Once applied to your yard, Termidor HE will continue to serve as an effective termite control solution for 8 to 10 years.

To make sure your property is termite-free, our team can provide recurring termite inspections in Harker Heights. Although termites are known to breed throughout the year, they generally swarm and move to new locations in spring, so we recommend scheduling an inspection around this time.

The Best Termite Control Company in Harker Heights

If you want the strongest protection against termites, you’ve come to the right place. Connect with EvoFoam Pest Control today to schedule professional termite control services in the Harker Heights area!

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Evo Foam has been great! We’ve used them for over a year and they have been wonderful. When they come, the technician is always polite and informative.
Rose H
An absolute pleasure! Everyone at Evo Foam is super cordial and knowledgeable. They will do what it takes to eliminate your problem. It’s clear that customer satisfaction is a priority and I certainly appreciate the attention and dedication they have demonstrated. I’m very impressed. I would highly recommend them.
Wendy A
Have been with Evo Foam for a few years and love them. Always on time and professional. Both the owner and our serviceman Jake are absolute top notch. Jake is sure to spend the proper time on the house in order to get all of the bugs and insects taken care of and is extremely personable and nice. Highly recommend.
Brandon F

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