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Hello, this is Damon Niquette and I want to welcome to the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast today. I want to thank you for tuning in today. You know, there’s been a topic that’s been on my mind recently, just because I get an everyday get these phone calls, you know how often? You know, do I need pest control service at my home? Do you all do quarterly bi monthly, monthly? You know, and I always would tell people, it depends. It really depends on you, quite frankly. What’s your pest? What’s your threshold of tolerance? You know, some folks just don’t want to see bugs, period. So you have less of a tolerance than some folks that No, I’m okay, I understand you’re gonna see some bugs outside, I get that, you know, but not everyone feels the same way. And that’s fair. So, you know, traditionally, a lot of folks are just used to doing quarterly pest control at their home. And, you know, quarterly pest trucking do a pretty darn good job for it, we have a lot of customers on a quarterly service that are very happy. You know, and there’s some folks that you know, that they just want to see less bugs. But the reason that they chose quarterly is because, you know, the price is cheaper to throughout the year, and I and I get that I understand budget. But you know, there’s a reason why here, I do phone pest control, we actually offer quarterly, bi monthly and monthly, and we really based that off of your property. Every property is different. You know, every property could have different what we call conducive conditions, different challenges on the property may have a Greenbelt behind you, maybe you’re in a new build, and there’s construction going on all around you, I can tell you, right there quarterly service is not going to cut it. Okay. But really, you know, we try to determine, through speaking with you, you know, what’s your hot buttons mean? I mean, by hot buttons, you know, what, what insects are arachnids, you not want to you just plain don’t want to see, you know, spiders or scorpions or fire ants or was, you know, you know, it. Some insects and arachnids require more frequency of service in order to really, you know, maintain a good threshold, a tall, you know, of activity. And, you know, and that needs to be determined through a thorough inspection. That’s why we, we don’t just do a quick inspection for our customers, when we come to the home, and whether we’re doing your niche search, because sometimes we, you know, will, we will sell people over the phone based on you know, what they’re telling us, and a lot of times we’ll get on Google Earth and look at the property and get a pretty good understanding of, you know, what challenges may or may not be on your property and, and it’s, and we can sell you on that when we come do your initial service, though, we’re doing a very thorough inspection, we actually, you know, do a 58 point, inspection analysis on your property in, inside and out top to bottom inside the house on the property. You know, most companies, unfortunately, they merely come out and do a very quick inspection, like, oh, yeah, I’ve seen a couple, you know, a couple fire ant mounds that treated this, you know, wha, since I got that, and I just sprayed and did the, you know, I got everything done, have a great day, thank you for your business, and the way they go, you know, and that’s not what you want. And you really, you really want a company that is going to, you know, take the time to really determine, you know, what you need because oftentimes, look, you’re not the professional, if you know how to do pest control services, you probably even you probably have your own company, or you’d probably be working in the industry, or you’re going to be doing it doing the work yourself at your property. You know, I tell people all the time line look, if I came here came to your job and sat in a cubicle with you or, you know, came on an assembly line in a warehouse, I probably wouldn’t know what the heck I’m doing, you know, and fair enough. It’s not I’m not trained to do so I don’t have any experience with that. So what you’re really need as a professional if if you have a comp current company right now and they’re not making recommendations and not trying to educate you and explain you know why they’re doing what they’re doing that your property that’s a big problem. That’s not professional service and you need to you know, you need to put your money and you know, in better hands than that. So when it comes to you know, frequency of service, you know, traditionally a lot of you know a lot of people used to quarterly because years ago that’s pretty much what most companies digit quarterly pest control service, you know, many companies do bi monthly these days. Some do monthly, you know, we offer all three and we base it off of your what we find on your property, what conducive conditions you may have? What’s your hot button? What bugs you not want to see, you know, determine why you are seeing them. You know, and what’s your threshold of tolerance? You know, are you okay with seeing a few bugs here and there, you understand that’s going to happen, okay, great, maybe quarterly services are going to be just fine. We have a lot of happy customers on a quarterly service. But I can tell you, this majority of customers that go with quarter services is merely just because of price. They want to try to, you know, save as much money, I understand, though. But the folks that actually have problems, I’d have to call you back and take advantage of a warranty treatment are folks that are on quarterly service, overwhelmingly more than a by a monthly or a monthly. So it really, you know, comes down? Do you want to be more proactive? Or not? Do you want to not have to deal with those issues and call your company to come out. Because that can be, you know, very inconvenient for you. So, you know, let me make a suggestion, give me a call in the office, I’m here every day, more than happy to spend some time I’ll spend, I’ll spend some time on the phone free of charge with you answer any questions or concerns that you may have. And we together we can, you know, determine you know, what’s necessary for your home and property, controlling a certain issue that you’re having going on, and I’ll educate you on why you’re having this problem still, if you’re, you know, this, I have this company and they’re just the owner will determine those types of things. And in some cases, we might even have to come out and set up a free inspection to come out to your home and we’ll do that you know, we do a we do a free 58 Point Inspection and analysis of your home and property inside and out top to bottom won’t cost you a dime to get us out there and and come out and and provide that and then we’ll go over overall those findings with you as well as at the end of the inspection. So and then we can talk about what’s what’s the right fit for you and your property. So give me a call today 512-588-2998 And again, I want to thank you for tuning into the VO phone pest control podcast today. I hope this helps out some folks and I look forward to speaking with you Y’all have a great day.

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