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What are scorpions?

Texas is home to many different unsavory pests, including several different types of scorpions. Scorpions are a type of predatory arachnid related to spiders, another common arachnid living across Texas. In general, scorpions have flattened, elongated bodies. Extending from their body is a pair of front appendages with pincers they use to grab their prey and four pairs of walking legs. They also have a segmented tail that curves over its back with a stinger extending from its end.

The striped bark scorpion lives in large populations in Round Rock and our surrounding areas. They are identified by a dark triangle on the top of their heads. Young striped bark scorpions are yellow-brown and have two dark stripes running lengthwise on their abdomen. Older striped bark scorpions are darker brown, and their stripes become faint or disappear. Reach out to us today for pest control in Round Rock and surrounding areas.

Are scorpions

Scorpions in our area mainly hunt and feed on insects and other arachnids. Outside they play an important role in helping to control populations of pests. Scorpions chase after their prey, grab it with their pincers and use their stingers to inject their venom and paralyze them. While scorpions pose considerable dangers to their prey, they also harm people. Their venom is potent enough to trigger allergic reactions that range from mild to severe to life-threatening.

Keeping dangerous scorpions out of our yards and homes is important to protect yourself, your kids, and your pets from their painful and dangerous stings. Scorpions don’t target people and seek us out to sting, but they will sting us to guard themselves against being squished.

Why do I have a scorpion problem?

Scorpions thrive in Texas’s hot temperatures. Though scorpions live in desert climates, they have high moisture needs. Our yards offer scorpions with several water sources:

  • Leaky hoses or fixtures
  • Dripping air conditioners
  • Clogged gutters
  • Pooling or standing water

Once scorpions are comfortable in your yard, it is only a matter of time before they find their way into your home. Scorpions in Texas regularly move into our houses while following their insect prey or searching for safe shelter. Common points of entry include cracks in your home’s foundation and exterior walls, gaps around windows and doors, vents, and torn screens.

We can also unintentionally introduce these pests into our homes in things like potted plants, firewood, and other items that have been outside.

Where will I find scorpions?

The striped bark scorpion is very agile and is known for climbing vertical surfaces. We regularly find them in our yards on rocks, trees, and walls. Because scorpions are attracted to sources of moisture, we also regularly discover them in well watered gardens, under garden hoses, and in the damp soil under leaves and other yard debris.

When striped bark scorpions enter our homes, they move to warm and humid areas, like kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and crawl spaces. Homeowners often discover scorpions hanging out on walls, in sinks or bathtubs, and in dark warm places like closets and under sinks.

How do I get rid of scorpions?

Get rid of scorpions with the help of the professional at EvoFoam Pest Control. We are committed to offering our customers effective scorpion control using environmentally friendly products. Our exclusive foam treatments target breeding sites and reach places traditional liquid products can’t reach. For help dealing with unwanted scorpions, call us today so we can provide you with information about home pest control and commercial pest control in Round Rock.

How can I prevent scorpions in the future?

Here are some easy and practical tips to prevent scorpion problems on your Round Rock property:

  • Remove easy access points into your home by sealing cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior, replacing torn screens, and placing appropriate screens and covers on vents and drains.
  • Don’t let clutter and yard debris that scorpions can hide in build up next to your home.
  • Remove clutter from within your home that offers indoor hiding spots. 
  • Repair leaky pipes and areas of poor ventilation that provide the moisture these pests are attracted to.
  • Implement year-round home pest control services to control the insects that scorpions prey upon. 

If you are tired of dealing with scorpions on your Round Rock property, contact us so we can help you remove them and keep them away.

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