Scorpions Are In Austin Texas, Are Scorpions Bad?

Well today I want to talk about scorpions, you know scorpions, specifically the common striped Scorpion, which is native to Central Texas in the Austin area that we that we frequently see unfortunately, we classified those in the in the pest industry as occasional invaders occasionally come inside or home, typically through gaps, openings and slipped through like like doorways and roof returns, and we’ll talk about that. But scorpions are arachnids and they’re pretty interesting. They actually a little bit about their biology, they actually birth live live young. And they birth what we call a nymph and in the first instar and what happens is when they birth the litter they they look they look like a milk like a white they’re white they haven’t had they don’t have the the adult color yet and what they do is they’ll they’ll birthed out of the mother and and crawl up on her leg and then crawl up onto her back similar to what spiders do. And they will typically remain on their backs for they say three to seven days before their first molt. molting is shutting others their exoskeleton or skin so what happens is it allows him to continue the growth process and and that the shed that in order to grow in size. And they’ll typically go through, they say up to you know, on average about six months before reaching maturity, which which can take several months and up to a few years actually, the adult coloration that they obtain eventually, that when you do see a live Scorpion, they look that look like that. That yellowish brownish color takes typically about two to three months to attain that color. And adults can actually live for several years anywhere from one to six years or more. which is which is quite a long time. Their average literacy size usually is about 3030 to 35. So they can actually birth quite a few which can sometimes explain the the the high numbers that you may or may see if you if you have an infestation unfortunately, you know there’s there’s a there’s a big misconception about scorpion stings. Yes, there are some deadly scorpions out there. However, the common striped Scorpion is not unless you have some very rare reaction. But their their sting is comparable to like a wasp or a bee sting. You know most most symptoms subside within 24 hours or less. But, you know, for the most part, they’re there. Unless you have some allergic response to it. They’re not life threatening at all, in the the pain and the swelling and possibly might get some black and blue marks that’ll subside. It’s probably important to talk about their habits. You know, scorpions are nocturnal theaters. And primarily what they do is they hide out under neath, like rock. If you have rock beds around your home, they like to feel pressure on them, they flatten themselves out and they’ll they’ll sit underneath there because they don’t want to lose the little bit of moisture that they do have in their body so they don’t dehydrate and die. So they’ll they’ll burrow underneath some rocks, if you have any type of firewood. It’s why it’s important keep firewood away from your home. You know and any type of clutter and debris that you might have in your yard. They also frequent attics, which is why it’s important to exclude seal up openings around your soffit areas on your roof. And those are things that that we do for our customers every day. controlling them, you know, of course, chemical treatments help. But I can tell you now that primarily Yes, that can decrease the activity outside your home. But cleaning up the yard, making sure your home is sealed up real well is going to be a bigger benefit than relying on chemical treatments. Like in Wall voids. Like we in most companies, we dust wall voids. We poles have pockets behind the brick. It’s important to put a an insecticidal dust or or we do we do some foam treatments actually that we mix with an end insecticide is a great benefit as well. But most companies are using dust and we do from time to time as well because it’s it’s pretty effective.

Keeping you know, having having pest service or reoccurring service around your home is very important. You want to decrease their food population, why are they there? Yes, they might be harboring around your home because there’s clutter but it’s important to have reoccurring services on the outside treatments that are decreased their food sources like crickets and spiders and cockroaches that they feed upon. So you know, that’s it’s very important to have a pest service and that’s something that we obviously can help you out with. But it’s very important to do some exclusionary work around your home sealing things up. And those are things that we can always discuss and that we help our customers out every day with that’s something that we’re very proficient in as well. Not just your your chemical treatment, it’s a combination I always tell people it’s it’s the multiple little things that you do to accomplish a goal with just about anything in life, really, and scorpions are no exception. So I hope that helps. helps bring to light a little bit more about their behavioral aspects and the reasons why you may have scorpions around your home Why you may be seeing them occasionally inside. So I would say this give us a call today EvoFoam Pest Control 512582998 be glad to answer any questions come to your home. Give me a give you a quote inspection on some exclusionary services well and and get a reoccurring pest treatment going on your home and help help help help bridge you these Scorpion issues. Call us today. Thank you

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