Spider Bites The Size of Austin Texas

Hello, this is Damian with the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast. I want to thank for tuning in today. You know, today I want to talk to you about spider bites. You know, in the pest control industry, we get numerous calls every year of folks that are concerned about spiders and think they’re getting bitten by spiders. And they may even went to a doctor and the doctor said, well, that little bumper that bite on your arm, it must have been a spider bite just because simply that they just don’t know. And that’s a it’s a very common thing, actually. I’m not a doctor. But at the same time, I have obviously, as an entomologist, I have a very good understanding of the behavioral aspects and biology of Iraq, you know, spiders, arachnids, and I’m here to tell you right now that it is actually extremely rare to get bitten by a spider. They just simply are just, they’re non aggressive by nature, they don’t, they don’t want to bite us humans. And really the only time that you would ever really get bitten by spiders, if you if you grabbed one, whether you know you have maybe you had one on your shirt on it was on a floor, or socks or something and you pick them up in there happened to be a spider new grassman in your hand. Or maybe you had one in your bed and you’re rolled over on and got a bite because you know they’re defending themselves or if you’re out in the garden or something, you know, you reach down to grab a pole weed out and you grab the spider at the same time while they’re going to defend themselves and there might be a possibility they’ll bite you at that point, it’s very possible. But what gets me is that a lot of times folks are saying Well, I’ve you know, I’ve got this little bite, I’ve got this little, you know, which is a pistol on my, on my on my skin here know, a little bump, and I’m getting bitten by spiders and you know, I, I’ve had it multiple times and it keeps happening. And the fact that is B it’s very, very rare to get bitten by a spider in the first place, it’d be even more unlikely that it’s reoccurring. Okay. So, don’t be afraid of spiders. You know, they’re there, they’re very non aggressive. They’re not, they’re not out to get you by any means. You know, a lot of times we get little bites or, you know, little bumps on our arms or legs or what have you. It could be caused from a mosquito or some other type of insect, you know, because it could be a viral infection, bacterial infection, hair follicle, irritation, infection of some sort, you know, and, you know, you just don’t know because you didn’t see how you got the bite night and I get that, but there’s just a big misconception. Now, spiders are arachnids, and I’m sure everyone’s heard the term arachnophobia. You know, and a lot of that’s just mental and, you know, it’s just been created by people telling horror stories by and saying, well, I’ve gotten bitten by a spider and everyone talks about every, every spider you sees a brown recluse and I can tell you in the Austin area, I’ve never seen a brown recluse spider. Not that it couldn’t on a rare occasion, maybe maybe they are some of y’all know if your house in middle of the woods, but really in the Austin Metroplex area, there, there’s just simply not brown recluse spiders around here. So, you know, don’t be afraid A lot of times, they’re just possible common house spider, that’s mistaken. A lot of times for a brown recluse or, or a wolf spiders is mistaken, quite often we find, you know, but you know, simply, spiders are very non aggressive, not nothing to really worry about at all, they’re actually very beneficial. They’re, you know, they’re, they’re necessary for the ecosystem. They’re good pest control. You know, so if you want to, but you know, and I understand that you don’t want them in your house, I get that completely. You know, check out your door seals, make sure your home was sealed up really well, I preached that to our customers all the time. You know, we can all of us Pest Control companies affect bugs, you know, insects and arachnids, but we can’t control they go and die. And if you’ve got a big gap in your doorway, or even a small gap where these smaller insects are arachnids can spiders can get through, you know, they’re going to come inside, whether they’re infected, they’re going to die, most likely, right? But, you know, we happen to see them alive. And so you know, that’s mainly the reason why you get any type of bug inside your house to begin with. So pay attention those areas, you know, that’s something that we do for our customers we do when we do our inspections, you know, we’ll point out little you know, issues like that makes them make some recommendations for you. That’s something that we preach quite often. You know, it’s it’ll help tremendously trust me cobwebs, if you have regular pest show coming make sure that removing cobwebs off your home enough your fence regularly you know that’s a source of protein what they do is they they’ll build those webs that catch their prey in there get their food source there so anytime you can eliminate harbourage or you know their ability to catch their food or removing clutter out of your yard if you got firewood up against the house, remove it a little farther away from the house, if you can transform their surroundings as much as possible and take something away from them that they need to survive, it’s going to put stress on that spider and they’re going to move out of there having a regular pest service on the outside of your home and in killing off a lot of those you know other types of insects that are around that that that they feed upon, you know that’s going to put stress on them as well and you’re going to have a lot less spider activity around your house. But folks, don’t be scared of spiders and don’t think that you’re getting bid all the time. It’s usually you know very you know some you know usually unexplainable for the most part while you’re getting some type of bites and can be very difficult to diagnose what the reason is why you have a biter a little pistol on your, on your skin bump, but, you know, most likely it’s not spider so I encourage you give me a call if you don’t have a pest control company or if you do have pest control company but you know, they’re, they’re just not taking the time to educate you. I’m happy to do so. You can call me at any time doesn’t cost you a dime, give me a call 512582998 we’ll be happy to set you up a free inspection and and or give you a quote and and get up and get out to your home or business and get you live in more of a pest free life for you. So give me a call today 512-588-2998 and I want to thank you for tuning into the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast today. I appreciate your time.

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