How To Remove Spiders From Austin Texas Home

Hello, and welcome to the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast. I want to thank you for tuning in today. This is Damian. So cobweb removal is one of the most important things that we do as a pest control company.

Signs You Have a Spider Infestation

Spiders are one of the biggest complaints other than ants that we get. And with good reason I understand, you know, spiders are, are scary to a lot of people. There’s a lot of myths to spiders, do they everyone thinks they’re getting bit by spiders, which I can almost tell you is absolutely not the case. It’s very rare that they bite only if really provoked. But however, one of the things that they leave behind is a lot of ratty cobwebs on your home, and which just horrible for curb appeal, nobody wants to have, you have a beautiful home. Last thing you want is a bunch of cobwebs on your house. Now, there’s some tips I can give as far as how to help kind of limit that. But one proven way is to have a pest control service. And it’s not just about a company coming out, spraying and you know, keep trying to kill off as many spiders as you can. And there you go. Now there’s much more involved in that. Number one is educating the customer, the homeowner, letting them know some tips of things that you can do, changing the lighting around your house, maybe not leaving your lights on and be tracking them to different bugs to the homes they set up shop there.

How To Remove & Prevent Cobwebs In Home

They’re very strategic. And what making spiders, though make all these webs are on your lights, your patios and your eaves. And the reason why it’s we focus as much as we do on cobweb removal on pride ourselves and doing a good job with that is because cobwebs actually act as a source of protein for spiders, because they’re catching their prey in there. And what happens is when the company does a good job at cobweb removal, you put stress on that spider, and they’re you know, they’re going to retreat, there’s you know, and and having a regular Pest Service as well and you’re limiting the bugs, you know, that they’re they’re feeding upon, you know, it’s a multitude of things that you had to do to accomplish any goal. But especially with when it comes to Spider Control and Prevention. You know, spiders are very strategic. And one of my points to that is that inside, I’m sure everyone’s seen a little cobwebs webbed up and corners of your house.

Well, the interesting thing is, they’re very strategic with that they do that for a reason. In the areas that you find them, because most oftentimes what they do is they’ll actually build a web in a corner near your entry doors, whether it’s your back door, or the front door of your home. And what they do is they play the draft of that door of when they open that door, they play the draft and when coming in though, they’ll play that draft because it blows bugs in that direction. And that’s precisely exactly where they want to set up shop. They want to build that have the bug blow right in and get them right into their web now they got a meal. It’s a survival mechanism. So hope that helps. Always good to make sure you’re dusting and remove vacuuming up those cobwebs inside the house. I recommend you to go through the house and do that regularly. But on the outside of a home. You know, a pest control company can be a great benefit on control spiders among other things, of course.

Spider Removal Experts in Austin Texas

So if you’re struggling with this if you have a bunch of cobwebs that are making your house not look as appealing as you would like, give me a call. Be glad to speak with you 512-588-2998. Again, I want to thank you for tuning into the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast today. And I hope you have a bug free day.

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