The Joro Spider: Invasive Species In Austin Texas

Hello and welcome to the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast. This is Damian, well not that the agent, the killer Asian hornet wasn’t enough. Making news again, this is something that’s been around for a while on the east coast, but they’re making news again for some reason. But there’s a, a spider. And they call it the they’re calling it the killer, East Asian spider.

I’ve seen on one news outlet. But they call it the East Asian JoRo spider, nice JoRo spider. And it’s pretty interesting. They’re they’re pretty large it can be both get up to about three inches across, you know, diameter, their body. Pretty, pretty large there cuz they’re said to be cousins of the banana spider, those garden spiders, I’m sure everyone’s seen them, they usually black and yellow, kind of pretty looking spider, beneficial spider as well. These ones typically tend to have black and yellow legs themselves, or they’re just plain black, but they’re large. They’re definitely scary looking.

Are Joro Spiders Dangerous?

You know, they’re venomous, like any like most spiders, right? The differences is that they’re unable to penetrate human skin. So they pose no threat on us. So don’t have any worry about that. But at the same time, I can see why you wouldn’t want one of these in your house.

Where Are Joro Spiders Spreading?

Now. They’re not in Texas, they’re not even close yet. Who’s to say in the next few years, they might make their way here, it’s very, extremely possible. And very well might happen. They’ve they’ve come from like, you know, parts of Asia. And the cool thing about is how I got here wasn’t necessarily like typically like how most invasive species get to America get to the states, you know, through shipping containers on ships and whatnot. These actually essentially kind of parachuted here, they said, Well, what happens is they actually create a web like a parachute, they call it ballooning. But another that one article I read actually called it that they made parachutes. But it’s seems to be more appropriate that they say that they actually they call it ballooning, kind of like a hot air balloon. And they literally create that web and they balloon, the air catches them. And they they glide here by the 1000s. It’s unbelievable. And they’ve made it to parts of Georgia, and one area and in South Carolina as well. And they’ve been there for a few a couple of years or so now. And they’re saying that they’re not going anywhere. And they’re freaking people out a little bit. And of course, you know, any larger racked in spider, you know, kind of gets the blood going a little bit heart pumping, I get it. But you know, they pose no threat.

Even if we get them here in the future, you know, people definitely may be concerned. But, you know, just remember that, they’re, they’re not able to infect you at all, and they don’t pose any danger to, you know, spiders for the most part, you know, people it’s misconception spiders are not aggressive by nature. So it’s very rare that we actually get bitten by a spider, you know, people think all the time that I’m getting spider bites, and I can tell you right now, probably 99.9% of the time, that’s just not true. It’s something else. It’s something dermal, some irritation to, you know, laundry detergent, something on the skin, and pedicle like on your skin is inflamed or something. So, you know, spiders really don’t pose any type of threat to us at all other than those look scary, they’re actually extremely beneficial for the most part, most of them. Obviously, there’s black widows, and brown recluse is in some parts of the South but and wrong eclipses are not prominent around the, you know, Central Tech Austin area around here at all. I’ve only encountered them one time and many years. So if that tells you anything, but obviously Black Widows but the good thing about Black Widows is that they’re going to stay on the outside of the home. They’re gonna be underneath those boxes where your utilities are and your water main is you know, so the utility guys are the ones and gals out to be the ones that have to watch out for them.

It’s a pretty regular frequent thing that that had that they encountered then in those areas. So and then sometimes in your garage and the corners of your garage like in a brand new build. We find them quite often And then once you have a pest control service going, you know, tends to you just, you know, our customers just don’t have problems with them ever again really, unless you just live in an area that you know is a really heavily wooded me obviously more chance of having a lot of different types of pests than the normal but Joro spider pretty interesting. I figured I would mention it. I thought it was pretty good thing to get out there. And if you see it in the headlines you can debunk that right now that  they’re out the gate because they’re not in they’re not even around here and probably won’t be for for a couple years or so anyways, maybe longer who knows.

Professional Spider Removal In Austin Texas

But if you are having any type of spider spider issues with spiders, things of that nature, any other type of pest issues and you need help, give me a call. Be glad to speak with you. We do free consultations will come out and matter of fact, we’ll come out to your home or property and do a free 58 Point analysis inspection on your home free of charge. Or you know, so give us a call today 512-588-2998 Be glad to speak with you also check out her website, evil phone pest calm look at all the different services that we offer and that we provide. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised and you know be glad to get you set up on something that that would be a great benefit to you and your family and protect your home or business. Also check out YouTube started doing some a lot of YouTube videos and, you know hoping that they’re a benefit to folks I hope hope you enjoy them. But you know, subscribe, it’s free. Subscribe, please like and share, share the video if you don’t mind. But I’ll be doing them very regularly. So I hope to speak with you soon. Y’all have a wonderful day.

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