The Legend of the Christmas Spider For All Of Austin Texas

Hello, welcome to the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast. This is Damian, I want to thank you all for tuning in. Today I’m gonna do something a little bit different because it’s the holidays, Christmas is upon us. I’m gonna tell you a little Christmas story. It’s actually called the legend of the Christmas spider, believe it or not. You know, most times this year, we’re all getting our ornaments out and decorating our trees. And believe it or not, there’s parts of this is said that if this originated, about 200 and some years ago, and Ukraine, and then origins in part parts of Germany as well, that they they actually decorate to trees with with spiders, believe it or not. So, I’m going to actually get into this story here and I’m going to recite this and it goes a little something like this. The Legend of the Christmas Spider. There once was a widow living in her cramped cold heart with her children. One day a pine cone dropped from the tree outside and took root. The children excited by the prospect of the tree for Christmas tended to the ceiling and made plans about how they would decorate the tree. Poverty was a way of life for the small family. And when Christmas approached the widow knew that they would not be able to decorate the tree. The children and the widow accepted their fate and went on to bed Christmas Eve the tiny branches bear. But the household spiders are the children’s sobs and spun an intricate webs on the tree. Early on Christmas morning the children cried Mother Mother wake up and see the tree it is beautiful. The widow rose to find out the cold night a spider had spun the web around the fragile branches. As the rays of the sun crept along the floor and suddenly climbed the tree the globe touched threads of the webbing. Turn the web turning each one of the into silver and gold. And from that day for the widow and her children never wanted for anything. I thought that was a neat little story. Maybe some life lessons in there as well. But at the end of the day, if you do have a Christmas tree that has cobwebs and it’s not tensile or if you have some spiders, that is not an ornament, you might want to give me a call. Whatever. Maybe a couple spiders won’t hurt you. And I but I hope you all enjoyed this little story here. Maybe for fun put a spider on your tree and a little salute to the Ukraine or Germany. Anyways, I want to wish everybody a very Happy Holidays and have a very Merry Christmas. And again I want to thank you for tuning into the EvoFoam Pest Control podcast today. Y’all have a wonderful day. Thank you

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