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Professional Pest Control In Harker Heights, TX

Harker Heights is a growing community with a lot to recommend it. As part of the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area, this area has essentially doubled in a period of 20 years, creating all sorts of opportunities for dining, entertainment, and employment.
There are many things about Harker Heights that make it a great place to live. But it’s also a great area for pests as well. Our local climate and urban environment, as well as our natural biodiversity, means it’s only a matter of time before you must deal with an infestation on your property.
Whenever that time comes for your home or business, know that EvoFoam Pest Control is here to help. We have an unmatched satisfaction guarantee and a history full of happy, satisfied clients.
Put an end to infestations near your home or business with effective pest control in Harker Heights. Call our pest control company today for help with any pest infestation.

Residential Pest Control In Harker Heights

It takes a lot to maintain your home – not counting unexpected surprises or unanticipated repairs. Unfortunately, this is exactly what pest infestations do best, wreaking havoc on your home and reducing your quality of life.

Some pests cause extensive damage to your home and force you to get expensive repairs. Others can ruin the food in your pantry and potentially expose you to dangerous pathogens.

EvoFoam Pest Control professionals don’t like the sound of that any more than you do. That’s why we work tirelessly to help locals with comprehensive and affordable residential pest control services in Harker Heights. We pride ourselves on successfully treating all forms of pest infestations in area homes and have the knowledge, skills, and determination to successfully get pests out of your house.

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Commercial Pest Control In Harker Heights

If you own a business in Harker Heights, you know you can’t afford to leave anything up to chance. Unexpected happenings like unwanted pest infestations can disconcert employees, create supply slowdowns, and potentially even expose you and your customers to viruses, bacteria, and other germs.
Thankfully, EvoFoam Pest Control knows how to work with businesses to eliminate pests without eliminating your ability to run your business. We can come alongside you and your business to create a protection plan that makes sense for you. Then, we can tailor this plan to your industry guidelines, so you always have peace of mind.
Get in touch with us today to explore our commercial pest control services and discuss our prevention techniques.

How To Protect Your Harker Heights Home From Termites

Termites are one of the most destructive pest infestations you can experience as a homeowner. While termite infestations start small and out of sight, it doesn’t take long for them to grow out of proportion. By the time you discover their colonies or movements around your Harker Heights home, they’ve likely caused expensive damages costing thousands of dollars or more.
With so much at stake, here are some ways to help decrease your risk of encountering termites in your home:
  • Clean yard debris: Grass trimmings and plant clippings can attract hungry termites. 

  • Remove stumps: Old, rotting stumps may look like a buffet to hungry termites.

  • Seal your home: Termites can exploit even the smallest openings to enter your home.

  • Minimize mulch: Termites love to live in mulch, so removing piles may keep them away.

These tips can help decrease your chances of having to deal with termites. However, keep in mind that determined pests can still show up around your property. If that happens, contact EvoFoam Pest Control to discuss professional termite control in Harken Heights.

How Spray Foam Keeps Pests At Bay In Harker Heights

For any pest control solution to work effectively in your home, it must reach invading pests at their point of origin. That’s why simple surface treatments often have a limited effect – they must rely on regular pest traffic to eliminate invaders. This puts pests, not people, in charge of your pest control, which is not ideal for getting the best possible outcomes.
Spray foam for pest control is (thankfully) quite different. When professionals spray special foam into treatable areas, the mixture expands to fill the available area with an effective pest control product. Any pest moving through the area has no choice but to interact with the product, which vastly increases its effectiveness and boosts your time to treatment.
The professionals at EvoFoam Pest Control saw the potential for foam-based pest treatments a long time ago. Turns out, our hunch was correct – we now enjoy one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings for a local pest control company in Harker Heights.
Want to learn more about our unique spray foam treatments? Drop us a line today. Let us help you become pest-free as quickly and simply as possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Evo Foam has been great! We’ve used them for over a year and they have been wonderful. When they come, the technician is always polite and informative.
Rose H
An absolute pleasure! Everyone at Evo Foam is super cordial and knowledgeable. They will do what it takes to eliminate your problem. It’s clear that customer satisfaction is a priority and I certainly appreciate the attention and dedication they have demonstrated. I’m very impressed. I would highly recommend them.
Wendy A
Have been with Evo Foam for a few years and love them. Always on time and professional. Both the owner and our serviceman Jake are absolute top notch. Jake is sure to spend the proper time on the house in order to get all of the bugs and insects taken care of and is extremely personable and nice. Highly recommend.
Brandon F

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