What are ants? Ants are small insects that are well known for their scavenging behaviors and the extensive colonies they create that feature distinct social structures. Ants typically invade properties in large numbers, and they may bring serious issues with them as they march through interior and exterior areas. In Round Rock, TX, and its […]

Bed Bugs

What are bed bugs? Below is a quick list of bed bug basics that will provide helpful information about these common household pests: The sole source of nutrition for bed bugs is blood from warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs are external parasites; their preferred host is humans, but they also feed on the blood of birds, […]


What are cockroaches? Cockroaches are omnivorous insects that often infest areas with lots of humans. We have around 30 types of cockroaches here in Texas, but you are most likely to encounter American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and pale-bordered field roaches. American cockroaches are by far the largest, clocking in at up to two inches long. […]

Fleas and Ticks

What are fleas & ticks? Fleas and ticks are not related to each other. Fleas are insects and ticks are arachnids, but they often get lumped together because they are both external parasites. This means they feed on blood, and they do it by biting your skin rather than invading your body. Athletic fleas are able to […]


What are mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are pesky biting insects that are commonly encountered during the summer months, as they thrive in warm weather. Mosquitoes are easily identified by their greyish-green bodies, narrow oval abdomen, six legs, and elongated mouth parts that they use to feed on both plant nectar and the blood of mammals. It’s important […]


What are rodents? Rodents are a large group of mammals that all share one unique physical characteristic: continuously growing front incisors. They gnaw anything they come across to stop their teeth from overgrowing and causing them pain or preventing them from eating. Below is a brief description of the most common types of rodents to […]


What are scorpions? Texas is home to many different unsavory pests, including several different types of scorpions. Scorpions are a type of predatory arachnid related to spiders, another common arachnid living across Texas. In general, scorpions have flattened, elongated bodies. Extending from their body is a pair of front appendages with pincers they use to […]


What are spiders? Spiders are predatory arachnids that hunt and kill their food. Different kinds of spiders you can expect to encounter in your Round Rock home include: Black widows: Shiny black spiders with long, spindly legs and a bright red hourglass on their abdomens Brown recluses: Plain brown spiders with solid-colored legs and a […]

Stinging Insects

What are stinging insects? A stinging insect is characterized by its stinger located at the end of its abdomen. There are many different species of stinging insects, and these pests typically have a round body segmented into the head, thorax, and abdomen, along with six legs. Around Round Rock, TX, and its surrounding areas, many […]


What are termites? Termites are wood-eating pests; they feed on cellulose found in trees and other organic materials. These insects are one of the few organisms able to convert cellulose into a usable food source. Though their feeding habits are eco-important, in our homes, those same feeding habits are destructive. The most widespread termite in […]